Portable Containerized Data Centers provide a fully functional data center in a pod-like form with a complete physical infrastructure including two (2) hour fire rated, power, cooling systems and remote monitoring. Portable Containerized Data Centers also have all the elements of the secure operating environments found in traditional “raised-floor” data centers, including fire protection, smoke, humidity, condensation and temperature changes. It can support multiple technology vendors and multiple systems in an industry standard rack environment. The modular containment structure provides practical and efficient mobility as it can be quickly deployed. Once deployed to a remote site or location, the containment structure can be started in a plug and play fashion, thereby minimizing the connection time to external utilities. The modular containment structure houses and maintains for operation various types of information technologies (IT) equipment, such as computer servers, Network Area Storage devices, data communication routers and switches and the support equipment to make them operational such as electrical switchboards, stand-by generators, high precision air conditioning, and uninterruptible power supply are within the modular containment structure. The structure offers a secured and stable environment, which includes minimizing any external temperature transmission into the containment structure, regardless of the external environmental conditions.

Containerized data centers are an important and growing market for companies and governmental agencies that require mobile and emergency “ready” solutions for sensitive applications. Other industry clients use the systems for sensitive applications, such as a data-processing hub during oil exploration, while some militaries buy the data-centers-in-a-box to put processing power closer to the front lines. Militaries have shown the greatest interest in a mobile data center that can be moved closer to ongoing operations.

Other commercial sectors that are interested in this application are the oil and gas industry has shown interest for deploying data centers in remote locations currently being explored, in addition to the movie and animation studios that look into look to augment their ability to crunch the numbers needed for today’s computation-intensive special effects.

A great potential use for these portable containerized data centers is for disaster recovery. Hospitals, as well as, financial and educational institutions in which the traditional data center facilities are unavailable or have been destroyed. The containers could be used as a temporary or permanent solution. The ability to deploy these containers rapidly and in any location helps enable business continuity, allowing for easy hardware migration and an expedited disaster recovery processes.